about Coda Rossa Winery

Our passion for wine goes far beyond the delicious aromas and flavors that exist within each bottle to the unique experience that takes place when the wine is shared. Moments with family and laughter with friends, infused with the spirit of great wine, make memories that we cherish long after the bottle is gone.

Named for the red-tail hawks that live in our vineyard, Coda Rossa Winery is a New Jersey winery located in the heart of Franklinville, that features both New Jersey and California wines.

Kenton & Kathy Nice

Master Wineaux & Quality Control Taster
Kenton needed to find a way to support Kathy's wine habit, so he took their hobby of making wine to a new level by opening The Wine Room of Cherry Hill. Kenton is a CPA who also owns Realtime Information...

Michael D'Auria

Palate Extraordinaire
Michael came to The Wine Room of Cherry Hill to make his own wine, and would not leave, so he was hired as Winery Manager. With his background in culinary arts, Michael not only manages...

Megan Chamberlin

Bottle Alignment Supervisor
Megan brings abundant energy and enthusiasm for wine and wine events to The Wine Room of Cherry Hill. As our Events Manager, Megan is available to help families, corporate groups and community...

Phil Magazzo

Wine Enthusiast
Phil is eager to share his extensive knowledge of wines with all of our wine makers, no matter their level of experience. He currently works as a Special Education Teacher, but spends many hours...